To Partners from the Director General of the company «UralSpecTrans»

OOO UralSpecTrans company presentation in PDF format

Thank you for your interest in our company. For the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation and the development of successful business relationships we would like to inform you, that the company OOO «Ural ST» is ready to be a supplier of reliable special vehicles for your organization. 

Today «UralSpecTrans» is the new machine engineering plant with unique production technologies and with the modern equipment. 

Our factory is engaged in serial production on the chassis KamAZ, URAL, IVECO and on the other chassis by the customer`s order of the following special vehicle:

  • Fuel tankers;
  • Crew buses;
  • Commercial vehicles;
  • Delivery trucks;
  • Workshop trucks;
  • Tanker trucks;
  • Pipe truck mountings and pole trailers;
  • Different special vehicles with hydraulic manipulators;
  • Logging trucks, short log trucks;
  • Transit-mix trucks;
  • Trailers for the transportation of electric pylons;
  • Tank containers;
  • Tank trailers;
  • Tank semi-trailers;
  • Drop-side trailers and semi-trailers;
  • Capacitive stainless steel equipment for all areas of food industry: breweries, factories for the production of kvass and factories for the production of lemonade (the equipment for the production of vodka, wine, beer, mead, alcohol, drinks, mineral water, milk, vegetable oil, chemical liquids).

The products of the trademark «UralSpecTrans» can be seen in all regions of Russia and outside of Russia. 

Many years of work experience has helped our specialists to take into account all kinds of customer wishes and needs. Together with corporate customers we continuously develop new models of special vehicles and expand the product range. The constant development of production and the investment in new industrial equipment allow to design and to produce exclusive products, to find a solution to complicated technical tasks qualitatively and in due time, taking into account the specificity of customer`s activity. 

For 23 years of fruitful work the company «UralSpecTrans» has raised from the status of an official partner of the largest manufacturing plants of Russia, such as OAO «AZ Ural», TFC «KamAZ», OAO «NefAZ», ZAO «INMAN», OAO «Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant», OOO «PalfingerKranRus», «TIGARBO» plant and many other plants, to the status of the manufacturing plant, which has its own production of special vehicles on the chassis KamAZ, URAL, IVECO. 

The existence of the service and warranty department allows to maintain the quality of products supplied throughout the service life. 

Another advantage of the company is the presence of the branches in Ukhta and in Usinsk, which sell the special vehicles together with the head office and are also an integrated service center for trucks. 

You can see the catalog of special vehicles of our manufacturing plant, as well as get full information about the availability of vehicles in the warehouse of the company, on our website  (the information is updated every day). We are always glad to offer you a wide range of special vehicles for different purpose of own production and of the production of our long standing partner, both available and to order. Constantly updated warehouse of finished products has more than 300 units of different special vehicles. 

For an introduction to our plant, to the range and the quality of products, we invite your specialist to visit the office of our company located at the address: Makeeva prospect, No.56, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia. 

We look forward to your representative and hope to establish strong, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with you! 

Konstantin Chufarov

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